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Water Damage Restoration Articles

Water Damage from Spring Storms

Spring rains can happen day after day saturating the ground, filling drainage ponds, and backing up drain pipes. Water seeks out the lowest areas and unfortunately, your basement is a likely spot for water to collect. This type of water damage is a common occurrence in Mankato and throughout southern Minnesota.

Practical Steps to Minimize Home Damage from Severe Winds

If a tornado or straight-line winds have damaged your southern Minnesota home or business, Premiere Restoration can clean up, rebuild, and restore it. Here are some things to do to prevent or reduce the damage caused by severe winds.

Is It Safe to Walk in a Flooded Basement?

Having a basement can be a big bonus if you need the extra room or storage. But what should you do if your basement floods during a heavy rain, pipes burst or the sewage gets backed up? Is it safe to walk in your basement while flooded and what should you do?

Why Does My Basement Flood When It Rains?

When you are relaxing at home, the last thing you would want to worry about is that a change in weather will cause you problems to deal with. It is not always a big disaster that can lead to unwanted problems. Rainy seasons may come and go, but if you often find your basement flooding when it pours, you have a problem that needs fixing as soon as possible.

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