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Water Removal and Water Damage Restoration

Mankato Water Damage Restoration

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Premiere Restoration specializes in damage repair and restoration after a flood, fire, or sewage backup. We will take care of mold remediation and recover and restore your damaged personal property. Our highly proficient staff has years of experience in Mankato and is trained to respond promptly, getting your home or business back to normal as quickly as possible.

When unwanted water enters your home or business, timing is everything! The faster things can be dried and decontaminated, the less damage occurs. No matter where the water comes from, we have the tools and knowledge to dry and properly clean your home or business. We clean and dry wet walls, cupboards, cabinets, wood floors, and HVAC systems. If we detect the presence of mold, Premiere Restoration has years of experience treating mold and maintaining indoor air quality. We are committed to using restoration solutions that are safe for people, pets, and the environment.

By Responding Quickly, Premiere Restoration will:

  • Protect your home and personal property
  • Minimize tear-out and reconstruction costs
  • Help prevent mold growth – and additional expense
  • Minimize the time we are in your home or business

Premiere Restoration Provides:

Our professional water damage restoration technicians will save you plenty of time and trouble by removing water from your basement, starting mold remediation, and restoring the contents of your home.

  • Properly trained technicians and certified water removal specialists
  • A proven track record with professional references
  • Environmentally friendly solutions to keep family, pets, and workers safe
  • State-of-the-art tools and equipment to minimize drying time
  • Mold-free construction methods when reconstruction is needed*
  • Solutions for indoor air quality

Water Damage Insurance

We work with many insurance companies, contractors, adjusters, and management companies. We use our expertise to guide you through the claim process. If you are not enrolled with an insurance company that will cover water damage restoration or any of our other services, we will be more than happy to offer you a competitive price. We have liability insurance in excess of $1,000,000.00, and all our employees are insured with workers’ compensation.

General Contractor: MN License# BC760377

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Water in the entryway of a jewelry store
Flooded floor of basement

Mankato Basement Water Extraction

Winter snow melts, floods, backup from the mainline sewer drain, or water used to fight a fire will go to the lowest point in your home or business, the basement, or the crawl space.  If left too long, mold and microbes can grow and thrive, putting the occupants and property at risk. Standing water within the basement must immediately be addressed.

Premiere Restoration has the experience to quickly remove standing water from your home or business and place drying equipment to remove extra moisture thoroughly. We will restore your building’s environment to a safe, livable space, prioritizing your health. If needed, we will use mold remediation to remove this menace that threatens your health and the structural integrity of your building.  Call (800) 543-0813 for basement water removal in Mankato, Minnesota.

Mankato Fire Damage Restoration

After the fire has been controlled and extinguished, you should call your insurance agent first, then call Premiere Restoration. We will arrive quickly to clear the smoke and start cleanup.  Smoke damage and soot need to be removed throughout the building, and toxic chemicals need to be detected and neutralized. A fire can cause structural damage, and Premiere Restoration is a licensed general contractor who can repair or rebuild the damaged areas

Electronics, appliances, machinery, documents, books, and other personal property may be damaged or destroyed. We will remove and restore valuable property to its original condition using our Contents Restoration methods.

Call or complete the Get Help Now page, and a Premiere Restoration expert will contact you for an accurate damage assessment and a free quote for your Mankato fire damage restoration.

Mankato Sewage Extraction

Sewage can enter your home or business because of a blocked mainline sewer drain or flooding, which can push sewage from the city sewer pipe up through your floor drain or toilets. If this happens, call Premiere Restoration right away.  We can work with a Mankato plumber to determine the problem while we start the sewage removal and clean-up process.

Upon calling Premiere Restoration, our dispatcher will deploy a team of IICRC-certified technicians for immediate arrival. Using proper tools and sanitizing agents, we will quickly restore the damaged areas while protecting the health and safety of occupants.

Why Choose Premiere Restoration as Your Professional Restoration Service

Our work and dedication to excellence stand out above the rest. We are dedicated to restoring your home or business with the most experienced experts in Mankato. We don’t believe in shoddy work and take pride in our attention to detail.

Timely Work

It’s all about getting your Mankato, Minnesota, home back to normal or business up and working as soon as possible. That’s why we’ll get you on the schedule quickly and get to work to clean up any standing water, clear the smoke, remove the sewage, or start mold remediation to prevent further damage and get your home back to normal or business open again.

Clear Pricing

We believe that it’s important to be straightforward with our prices. Our Mankato water damage restoration company believes in honesty while providing the best restoration services.

We are Local and Near You

Premiere Restoration is headquartered in Mankato, Minnesota. We provide Damage Restoration services to all of Southern Minnesota, including MankatoFaribaultLake Crystal, New Ulm, North MankatoOwatonnaSaint Peter, and Waseca.

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