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Commercial Water Damage

Cleanup and Restoration after  Water Damage

Process for Water Damage Clean Up in Commercial Buildings

At Premiere Restoration, we understand the importance of your business being able to continue running. That is why we specialize in helping businesses prepare for and recover from a building disaster. We do everything in our power to provide emergency services that enable employees to return to work as soon as possible.

To minimize business downtime, we are often able to provide a safe place for work while cleaning up affected areas, as well as continue working in areas that need to be put back together.

Assessing the Damage

To fully mitigate the affected area, our commercial restoration specialists must evaluate the space to determine the following:

  • Path of water migration
  • How much damage has occurred
  • Areas of secondary damage (if applicable)

Once this information is determined, our restoration services technicians can work with your maintenance team to create a solid drying plan and maintain expectations during the drying process. This way, we can dry the affected area without putting the occupants of the building at any risk.

  • Extract standing water: After establishing our drying plan, we immediately bring the water extraction process. We quickly remove up to 99% of the water in the affected area using state-of-the-art tools. The more we are able to extract on the front end, the faster it will dry the space on the back end.
  • Dry the affected area: Once the extraction process is completed, our commercial restoration specialists go to work placing the proper drying equipment in the space according to the IICRC standards. We will also place air scrubbers equipped with HEPA filters in the area to capture any hazardous particulates that could be present.
  • Moisture Readings: Premiere Restoration is committed to providing your insurance company with full details of the drying process by conducting daily moisture readings and documenting supporting evidence such as photos. This way, your claims process will not be held up from our end.
  • Reconstruction: (if necessary) Our goal is to do everything possible to respond and restore affected areas quickly. However, there are instances when excessive damage has taken its toll, and reconstruction is necessary. By utilizing “mold-free” construction methods, we take the right steps to restore your building safely.

The last thing you want is to scramble with calling other companies when experiencing water damage to your property. A clear plan helps decrease your stress and provides logical steps to start the mitigation process. Premiere Restoration can assist you with that plan and be there promptly.

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“Straight shooters and even suggested a solution that would result in me paying them LESS. Quick to respond and very professional.”

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Commercial Basement Water Extraction

Hazardous conditions can form when groundwater enters or water from an inside source makes its way to the basement of a commercial building. Mold and microbes can grow and thrive, putting the occupants and property at risk. Standing water within the basement must immediately be addressed.

Premiere Restoration has the experience to mitigate standing water in the basement of your commercial building. Our team is fully certified by the IICRC, and the technicians we send understand how to extract the area quickly and effectively. We can remove up to 99% of standing water and place drying equipment according to industry standards, preventing mold from colonizing and spreading to other building areas.

What are the Hazards of Floodwater in my Commercial Building?

When floodwater enters the building, it can bring in an influx of microbes and other hazardous materials. Exposure to this can significantly affect the health of occupants. Groundwater is not pure, and when storm damage occurs, it can mix with rainwater in a blend of fuel, grease, bacteria, and chemicals. This hazardous mixture seeps into your building’s materials, ruining them and making them non-salvageable. If not extracted and properly dried quickly, mold can colonize and spread throughout the building.

When you choose Premiere Restoration, we arrive quickly and properly equipped with the tools to address your needs. Our flood restoration services aim to restore your building’s environment to a safe, livable workspace, with the health of your occupants as a priority.

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What are the Hazards of Floodwater in my Industrial Facility?

Electrical: Most industrial facilities have high-voltage electrical panels to support the high amperage requirements of production line equipment. Floods bring in a greater risk of broken circuits and power failures. In some cases, this can cause arc flashes or other explosions, creating massive damage.

Flooded facilities are hazardous and must be evacuated immediately, and you would need to call your maintenance crew or power company to shut off power to the main breaker.

Equipment Failures: Electrically powered equipment is especially sensitive to water and can be severely damaged by floods. Multi-million dollar investments could be wiped out in an instant. We know the risks and have extensive experience extracting floodwater from industrial facilities.

Microbes & Other Hazards: Industrial facilities carry a high risk of flood water mixing with hazardous substances in the area, such as grease, oil fumes, and sludge. This creates a dangerous breeding ground for microbes and other unsafe organisms exposed to employees and workers of the plant. Call Premiere Restoration to quickly contain the affected area and restore it to pre-loss conditions.

Upon calling Premiere Restoration, our dispatcher will deploy a team of IICRC-certified technicians for immediate arrival. Using proper tools and sanitizing agents, we will quickly restore the environment’s safety in accordance with OSHA guidelines while keeping the health and safety of occupants at the forefront of our minds.

Moisture Damage

Moisture damage, or secondary damage, results from the unaddressed standing water. Moisture left to evaporate will saturate the air and absorb into porous building materials such as drywall, subflooring, and hardwoods. This can cause sagging, buckling, and general structure failure while propagating mold growth.

Why Hire Water Damage Restoration Professionals

Fast Work

Water damage hinders your business and poses an inconvenience to your clients. Our Mankato, MN, professional restoration services are your best bet for repairing water damage. Not only do we work well, but we work fast, too.

Mold Problems

Mold is one of the most significant issues resulting from water damage. Just leaking water into your business can lead to problems with allergies and toxins since mold is toxic. Hiring a mold remediation professional will prevent the mold from returning.

Lower Costs

You might see the initial price of flood restoration services and think you could forgo them. In the long run, you’ll save money by hiring a professional. We know how to clean up the water quickly, saving you more money on the overall restoration process. Not to mention that this will inhibit mold growth and get your Mankato area business back in working order faster.

Thorough Work

You might see that your business looks dry again, but our professional restoration services know what to look for to ensure no hidden moisture. We’ll look into cracks, crevices, ceilings, and floors to ensure no pooling water might cause future issues.

Why Choose Us?

Professional Restoration Services

Our work and dedication to excellence stand out above the rest. We are dedicated to restoring your business with the most experienced experts in Mankato, MN. We don’t believe in shoddy work and take pride in our attention to detail.

Timely Work

It’s all about getting your business up and working as soon as possible. That’s why we’ll get you on the schedule quickly and will get to work to clean up any standing water, prevent further damage, and get your business open again.

Clear Pricing

We believe that it’s important to be straightforward with our prices. Premiere Restoration, water damage restoration company, believes in honesty while providing the best restoration services.

We are Local and Near You

Premiere Restoration is headquartered in Mankato, Minnesota. We provide Water Damage Restoration services to all of Southern Minnesota, including MankatoFaribaultLake CrystalNew UlmNorth MankatoOwatonnaSaint Peter, and Waseca.

Commercial Disaster Emergency Response Plan (DERP)

For commercial clients, we provide preparedness plans for all commercial restoration services. This way, we can work with owners or maintenance teams to identify critical business needs and infrastructure and plan for what may happen long before disaster strikes.

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