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Basement Water Removal

Heavy Rains, Sudden Snow Melt, and Plumbing Problems can Flood a Basement

Flooded Basement in the Mankato Area

As a Minnesota local, you know how much snow there is. That snow can melt, or you could be dealing with heavy rains. Or perhaps, there might be a problem with your plumbing. No matter the reason, we understand that feeling when you walk into your basement to see it full of water. Rest assured that we know how to handle this problem and that we have the expertise and experience to remove the water so that you can restore your basement to its former glory.

When you notice the water in your basement, make sure you quickly give Premiere Restoration a call. We have 24/7 emergency services so that we can quickly remove the water and get your basement restored. The faster we get in there, the faster we can clear out your basement and assess the damage. We’ll also be able to bring in our state-of-the-art equipment to clear out the water.

It’s not all about the extra water, though. While we have the tools to help remove the extra water and dry up your basement, we’re also experienced in handling the other issues that accompany water damage. This includes checking for mold and handling storm damage that may have caused the water damage in the first place. It’s important to handle the underlying problem, after all, so you don’t find yourself in the same situation in the near future.

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Flooded floor of basement

Signs of Water Damage in Your Basement

A flooded basement is obvious. But there are other signs of water damage that you should be on the lookout for. Knowing these signs will help you prevent further damage and may save you some money dealing with larger leaks down the road.


Do a quick check around your basement’s walls, floors, and foundation. If you see a few cracks, these can be a sign of water damage if they’re larger than one-sixteenth of an inch across. Anything smaller than that, like a hairline crack, usually isn’t problematic. Still, it’s best to keep an eye on it.


This is an obvious sign that something is wrong, since mold grows because of moisture. Mold will start growing when there is a leak, so check around to see if you see any dark green, black, or white powdery substance. You may see mold on the walls, wood or even furniture too.

Paint Peeling

Peeling paint might be a normal sign of aging. But if it hasn’t been that long since you painted, or if the peeling is excessive, this might be a sign of the water deteriorating the foundation. Check the cement. If you notice that beginning to flake, that can be a sign of water damage that you may want to get checked out.


If there is water damage in your basement, you’ll notice if there’s sinking or swelling of your flooring. Sunken flooring indicates soil erosion below your home, while swelling floors let you know that there’s moisture underneath the home.

You may also notice your flooring becoming separated or spongy, which is a good sign to call for help before your basement really floods.

Common Causes of Flooded Basement

Everyone can suffer from a flooded basement, no matter where you live. Unfortunately, all basements are subject to similar types of problems. Here are some common causes of flooded basements so you know what to keep a lookout for.


If you haven’t dealt with water damage in your home before, one of the top causes is a leak somewhere. Surface water in your home may not be draining down next to the foundation walls, causing it to leak into your home.

Signs of this are overflowing gutters, downspouts that are too close to your home, sealants that aren’t actually sealing your home, and pavement slopes that are turning water toward your home.

Sewer Backup

This is a problem with your pipes. When sewers are full, the water level may rise up too high. If the water rises too high, then the flow of water can be blocked and sewage can flow towards your home.

Sump Pump

There are many houses that don’t really have a good draining system in their basement, which is what a sump pump is for. The sump pump will collect unwanted water and get it away from your home by lifting it outside of your home. That means that if the pump fails due to a power failure, collapsed pipe, or lack of regular maintenance, you will be dealing with flooding.

What You Should Quickly Do When Your Basement is Flooded?

When your basement floods, it’s crucial that you take quick action. These are the most important things to do first:

Find and Fix the Problem

It’s not always clear what’s causing your basement to flood. Sometimes, the issue is with your plumbing. Any water lines or plumbing fixtures in your basement can cause a flood if they’re damaged or faulty.

If possible, try to locate the water source; that’s the problem. When you find the problem, take care not to risk injury fixing it. However, if it’s safe, try and turn off the water line to prevent more flooding.

It can be harder to fix if your basement floods due to natural events, like a sudden, heavy rain. There may be a certain area leaking or because of a poor seal. If that’s the cause, try to seal the area if possible.

Keep Safety at the Top of Your List

Flooding basements can be risky. Remember, there may be electrical devices, unseen hazards, and even viruses and bacteria in the water. Only try to shut off water lines or stop the flooding if you’re certain there’s no safety risk. Even if the water is low and there aren’t electrical hazards, you should use the utmost caution.

Call the Experts

When we say you need to keep safety at the top of your list, we mean it. When it comes to flooded basements, we’ve seen it all. Even in situations where the problem seems like an easy fix, there’s still some risk.

Don’t attempt to fix the problem yourself if you’re in doubt. We’re experts, and we’ll be able to help you through the entire process, from stopping the leak to draining the water to helping you keep your basement in good shape.

Take Special Items Out

Nobody wants to see their things waterlogged and damaged beyond repair. That’s especially true if you use your basement to store important things like equipment or sentimental items. The faster you get your things out of the water and out to dry, the better.

The longer possessions sit in water, the more damage they take on. Being prompt and drying out your items properly gives you a better chance of keeping them in fair condition. As always, you shouldn’t risk your safety. Wait until professionals fix the leak and completely drain the water from your basement if needed.

The Importance of Quick Response

Fast action can be the difference between only worrying about your basement and having damage to the rest of your home. Not only that, a quick response can help you avoid costly structural damage to your walls, foundation, and anything in or around the basement.

The longer water sits, the more damage occurs. It may sound drastic, but even minutes can make a difference in whether or not the damage spreads or can be fully repaired.

What We Do

How do we take care of flooding basements? Here’s a quick look at our process:

Find and Fix the Leak

Our first priority when you call is assessing the situation and finding where the water’s coming from. Once we’ve located the source, we’ll fix it to prevent more flooding.

Initial Documents

When we’re ready to start, we’ll help you understand the steps involved and contact your homeowner’s insurance. Once we have all the documents signed and we’ve briefed you on the next steps, we start the process.

Water Removal & Basement Restoration

Our most crucial task is removing the water from your basement immediately. We use our special equipment to extract the excess water. Since water can seep into even the smallest cracks and corners, we follow tested industry drying methods to make sure that structures are dried out properly.

This also often means using dehumidifiers to remove moisture from the air to prevent mold and rot problems. If your basement is carpeted, we’ll dry and restore it, along with salvageable soft furnishings.

Cleaning and Sanitization

When your basement floods, the water can harbor all kinds of bacteria, viruses, and other contaminants. We’ll use special equipment and environmentally friendly EPA approved disinfectants and cleaners to help keep you and your family safe.

Why Call Us?

Your safety is our top priority. We ensure there aren’t any structural or electrical hazards and sanitize the area to eliminate harmful microorganisms.

We don’t wait to respond. Timing is crucial, and we’ll be there right away to start safely removing the water.

Improper treatments can lead to more damage. We’ll help you restore your basement and any items caught in the flood the right way.

Call us today, and let us handle your basement water removal.

We can also help if you need water damage restoration in another room. We serve the local community here in Minnesota and truly understand what you have to deal with. You can always have peace of mind when you let us solve your flooded basement problem with our expertise.

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