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Contents Restoration (Personal Property Cleaning and restoring)

Fire, water and mold damage, along with natural disasters and accidents can occur at any time, often without warning. Once this happens, it can seem as though your prized possessions are ruined. This is where our contents restoration services come in. We can clean much of your damaged personal property on-site with our state-of-the-art contents cleaning trailer. Not only can you watch the cleaning and restoration process, but also witness the care and respect our entire staff have for the content restoration process every step of the way.

As a licensed general contractor, we at Premiere Restoration are capable of not only cleaning up the damage but also of any necessary reconstruction for any structural damage. Our trained and experienced managers and technicians can properly handle water damage, mold remediation, and fire damage, as well as reconstruction. When you call Premiere Restoration for our contents restoration services, you know that you are getting the greatest experience at the greatest value.

Key Elements of Contents Restoration Services

  • Time: Regardless of disaster type, the most important element when it comes to restoration services is TIME. The success of any restoration lies upon how quick the response is and how rapidly the process can be employed. Premiere Restoration has dispatchers on hand 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, and 365 days per year. Our trained personnel will arrive quickly to your home or business to assess and provide the best plan for protecting your contents and personal belongings.
  • Accurate Assessment: Our first step upon arrival to your home or business is to have our technicians assess the damage of your contents. Once a plan is formulated, we will convey that plan to you so you understand the process of contents restoration.
  • Inventory of the items: An accurate inventory of all items will be taken to promise the safety and security of your property. We will make a detailed list of the items that are salvageable, complete with photos and traceable numbers to ensure that all items are returned to their original place. Sometimes items cannot be salvaged. In this instance, we will provide you with accurate documentation of each lost item so that you can forward this information to your insurance company for your final claim.
  • Removal of Contents: All content items will be carefully removed to allow structural clean-up to proceed without delay. Our content restoration technicians will securely load all items in our trucks to be transported to our off-site cleaning facility.
  • The Cleaning Process: When the items arrive, they will be carefully removed from the trucks and brought to our contents cleaning areas, where they will be decontaminated and restored to their pre-damaged state. Our content cleaning and restoration experts are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment such as drying rooms, deodorization rooms, specially-designed cleaning areas, ultrasonic cleaning systems, and many more. You will be pleased with the results!
  • Replacing the Contents: When the content cleaning and deodorizing process is complete, our technicians will match each item with the inventory list so all items are accounted for. Then each item will be packed safely for transport back to you.

How We Can Help With Our Contents Restoration Services

Save Money Through Our Restoration Processes

Not only is it painful and distressing to lose your belongings, but it is also extremely costly. Instead of having to spend money purchasing all new items, let us help you restore your belongings instead. Our content restoration and electronic restoration service can help you save some money especially if you have costly or distinct items that are difficult to purchase again.

Recover Priceless Items With Our Restoration Services

There are some sentimental items that are almost impossible to replace or put a value on. These include priceless items such as heirlooms that have been passed down from generation to generation and old photographs that are irreplaceable. Let us help you try to restore and salvage these priceless possessions with our contents restoration services.

Stay Safe and Healthy

When disaster strikes, the last thing you would want is to deal with health issues on top of trying to fix the damage to your home and belongings. Often, mold and other toxic materials can become a significant problem. Leave the biohazard cleanup to our restoration team and let us remove these health hazards from your home so you and your family can stay healthy and clear of them. Don’t try to clean up or remove soot on your own as you could cause further damage to your own health, the surrounding area, or your items.

Move On With Recovery

It is distressing to face the fact that your home and precious belongings have been significantly damaged, whether it’s from water, mold or fire damage. When you hire content cleaning and restoration specialists to help with damage restoration to your valuable possessions, you are able to focus on other parts of the restoration process and many people often feel like they can move on with their lives and focus on their recovery.

Our goal is to help restore your personal items and prized possessions close to their pre loss condition with our restoration services. Whether you need help to recover your items from smoke damage, or if you need help with water damage restoration, our content restoration company is here for you with the best techniques that will give your items the best chance.

Time is of the essence, so don’t wait any longer, and call our content restoration specialists today!

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