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Who do you call when you have water in your basement?

Mar 31, 2024 | Mold Remediation, Water Damage Restoration

Waking up to water in your basement is probably one of the worst things to wake up to. Thoughts start flying through your head: how much damage is there? What do you need to do to fix it? When you call the right person, they’ll help you get everything figured out. However, who do you call? A plumber, a foundation expert, a waterproofing professional? You have a lot of options, but let us point you in the right direction.

Different Professionals

You have various professionals, all of whom fix different things. If you notice the water coming from a fixture, like a pipe, a drain, or an appliance, you’ll want to call a plumber. They’re able to work directly with appliances to get them repaired.

You might notice mold though, which comes from water damage and can lead to serious problems if that’s not fixed. This is when you want to call a remediation expert, who will be able to help not only with restoring your home, but with ensuring that you don’t end up with any mold problems in the future.

Check around for any strange odor, and still call in a remediation expert if you notice a huge amount of water damage.

Finally, you can also call a basement waterproofing specialist, although it’s not uncommon to have all three of these professionals work together. After you have the damage repaired in your basement, a waterproofing specialist can help you protect your space against future threats.

Be Cautious

Always be cautious in who you hire. There are definitely some contractors out there that use scare tactics to try and get homeowners to sign contractors to fix foundations or major cracks.

Just because you notice some cracks in your basement doesn’t mean that there’s automatically water damage, because cracks can happen naturally. Call in a second opinion to make sure that you aren’t taken advantage of.

Water Damage

Before you call anyone though, let’s think about which one you should actually choose. The person you call depends on the type of damage, how long it’s been there, and any other damage you notice.

Water that just appears overnight is usually something you can call a plumber for—because water that appears so quickly is generally from a busted pipe.

But water that is from the actual foundation and seeps along the floor is water that will have been there for longer. This means that the damage will be more extensive and will require a professional that can help you better deal with this damage.

One way to help you figure out how long the water has been there is by taking a second to look at the quality of the water. Smelly or murky water is more likely to be from a leak in a sewer or a clogged fixture. Clear water is usually water from a foundation leak, because it’s groundwater that has seeped in from outside.

The Situation

Think about what happened when you noticed the leak too. Was there a huge storm before? Or maybe you noticed that your basement has been humid and smells a little musty? Think about if you noticed any puddles outside before too. It’s these types of clues that will help you figure out if the damage is something more extensive that you’ll need further repairs on.

Repair Options

There are a few repair options that your professional might recommend. This includes regrading the yard to slope away from the foundation and redirecting water away from your home. Of course, you might need to repair leaking pipes or foundation cracks too. These are things that your professional will suggest to you though when they make an assessment of where the damage is coming from.

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It’s not easy to figure out what to do when you notice water all over your basement. You’re likely worried and unsure of how to fix things. Take a second to consider what the water looks like and what type of professional you should hire, since different professionals help with different problems. In the end though, you’ll always want to hire a professional though, since they’ll be able to help you the best. If you need help, call us – we are your local basement water removal experts and we’ll be glad to address any questions and worries you might have.

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