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Commercial Process for Water Damage Restoration

At Premiere Restoration, we understand the importance of your business being able to continue running.  That is why we specialize in helping businesses prepare for and recover from a building disaster.  We do everything in our power to provide necessary emergency services that enable employees to get back to work as soon as possible.  In order to minimize business downtime, we are often able to provide a safe place for work while cleaning up affected areas,  as well as continue working in areas that need to be put back together.

Assess the damage

In order to fully mitigate the affected area, our technicians must evaluate the space to determine the following:

  • Path of water migration
  • How much damage has occurred
  • Areas of secondary damage (if applicable)

Once this information is determined, our technicians can work with your maintenance team to create a solid drying plan and maintain expectations during the drying process. This way, we can dry the affected area without putting the occupants of the building at any risk.

  • Extract standing water: After our drying plan is established, we immediately being the water extraction process. Using state-of-the-art tools, we quickly remove up to 99% of the water in the affected area. The more we are able to extract on the front end, the faster it will be dry the space on the back end.
  • Dry the affected area: Once the extraction process is completed, our technicians go to work placing the proper drying equipment in the space according to the IICRC standards. We will also place air scrubbers in the area equipped with HEPA filters to capture any hazardous particulates that could be present.
  • Moisture Readings:  Premiere Restoration is committed to providing full details of the drying process to your insurance company, by conducting daily moisture readings and documenting supporting evidence such as photos. This way, your claims process will not be held up from our end.
  • Reconstruction: (if necessary) Our number one goal is to do everything we can to quickly respond and restore affected areas. However, there are instances when excessive damage has taken its toll, and reconstruction is necessary. By utilizing “mold-free” construction methods, we take the right steps in putting your building back together safely.

The last thing you want is to scramble with calling other companies when experiencing water damage to your property. A clear plan helps decrease your stress levels and provides logical steps to start the mitigation process. Premiere Restoration can assist you with that plan and be there promptly when you need to make that call.

Basement Water Extraction Commercial

Hazardous conditions can form when groundwater enters or water from an inside source makes its way to the basement of a commercial building. Mold and microbes can grow and thrive, which can put both the occupants and property at risk. Standing water within the basement of a commercial building must immediately be addressed and a professional restoration company called.

Premiere Restoration has the experience it takes to mitigate standing water in the basement of your commercial building.  Our team is fully certified by the IICRC, and the technicians we send understand how to properly extract the area quickly and effectively. We can remove up to 99% of standing water, then place drying equipment according to industry standards, preventing mold from colonizing and spreading to other areas of the building.

How Standing Water Can Develop

Regardless of how standing water is formed, you need to hire a professional to assist in proper removal. Below are examples of how standing water is created:

Cracks in the foundation: Cracks in the building’s foundation can cause groundwater to easily accumulate in the basement area. These can be caused by heavy rains, backed-up sewer lines, or leaking sprinkler systems. Unlike clean water, groundwater is potentially hazardous, contaminated with any mix of grease, oil, fuel, or chemicals. Standing water in your basement could be considered hazardous and therefore dangerous to the health of your occupants.

Broken water lines:  A common culprit behind standing water, broken water lines can cause a serious amount of damage. When these lines break, thousands of gallons of water can settle at the lowest point of the structure, which oftentimes is the basement. When you choose Premiere Restoration, we can pump out large volumes of water from your basement in a short period of time.

Failed Boiler or Chiller Systems: Most chiller and boiler systems are found in the basement of commercial buildings. If one of these large systems fail, it can cause the circulation of water to become backed-up. Depending on the condition of the system, it can create pools of water near the pumps and areas of the equipment. If this occurs on a large scale, water extraction services will be necessary to properly clean the space.

Causes of Water Damage

A lot of things can actually cause water damage, but when it comes down to it, the issue usually stems from something that was damaged or not sealed properly.


In commercial settings, water damage usually comes from improperly sealed windows. When windows aren’t installed or sealed properly, this can cause moisture and rain to seep in, leading to warped wood, mold, and other problems. This is something you may be able to fix though as long as you reseal your windows regularly.


Broken pipes can lead to water leaking, and the pipes can break from a couple of things. This includes freezing weather or pressure changes. If you notice a musty smell or any stains, this might be a sign that you have some leaky pipes.


You might also notice some puddles in the foundation of your business, or some cracks that seem problematic. Not all cracks let in water, but you’ll want to continue to perform regular upkeep on your gutters, and usual checks of your foundation to make sure there are no puddles.

Other Leaks

These are some of your most common leaks, but don’t forget that your roof might be leaking too from snow or weather, or you may even be dealing with issues connected to your HVAC system. If you have a sprinkler system, this might even be a cause of your water problems. In the end, it’s important to continue to keep an eye out for any water.

What Are the Hazards of Floodwater in My Commercial Building?

When flood water enters the building, it can bring in an influx of microbes and other hazardous materials. Needless to say, exposure to this can greatly affect the health of occupants. Groundwater is not pure, and when storm damage occurs it can mix with rainwater in a blend of fuel, grease, bacteria, and chemicals. This hazardous mixture seeps into your building’s materials, ruining them and making them non-salvageable. If not extracted and properly dried in a short period of time, mold can begin to colonize and spread throughout the building.

When you choose Premiere Restoration, we arrive quickly and properly equipped with the tools to address your needs. Our goal is to restore your building’s environment back to a safe, liveable workspace, keeping the health of your occupants front and center.

Pre – Disaster Emergency Response Plan

Premiere Restoration offers a free pre-disaster evaluation service for commercial and industrial facilities called our Disaster Emergency Response Plan.  By quickly responding to an emergency building event, thousands of dollars and valuable hours of time can be saved. Whatever type of commercial property, we send an experienced professional out to your site to evaluate the best way to respond to an emergency before it occurs. We take note of the types of equipment, electrical requirements, type of space, emergency shutoffs, and the overall layout of the plant.  All of this information is saved in our cloud-based system so that we can be ready when disaster strikes.

At Premiere Restoration, we understand that emergencies happen – pumps fail, storms occur, sewers back up, and sprinkler systems fail. A solid plan enables a faster response, providing for business continuity and less damage and expense.  When you choose our disaster emergency response plan, you can be assured of fast and precise action in the case of a building emergency, and a priority response.

Pre-Disaster Emergency Response Plans:

For commercial clients, we provide Emergency Response plans. These allow us to partner with owners or maintenance teams to identify the right response to water, fire or storm damage, before disaster strikes.

More about DERP

What are the Hazards of Floodwater in My Industrial Facility?

Electrical: Most industrial facilities have high voltage electrical panels to support the high amperage requirements of production line equipment. Floods bring in a greater risk of broken circuits and power failures. In some cases this can cause arc flashes or other types of explosions, creating massive damage. Flooded facilities are hazardous and must be evacuated immediately, and you would need to call your maintenance crew or power company to shut off power to the main breaker.

Equipment Failures: Equipment that is electrically powered is especially sensitive to water and can be severely damaged by floods. Multi-million dollar investments could be wiped out in an instant. Premiere Restoration knows the risks involved and has extensive experience extracting flood water from industrial facilities.

Microbes & Other Hazards: Industrial facilities carry a high risk of flood water mixing with hazardous substances in the area, such as grease, oil fumes, and sludge. This creates a breeding ground for microbes and other unsafe organisms. All of this is then exposed to employees and workers of the plant, creating a dangerous environment. When you choose Premiere Restoration, the affected area is quickly contained and restored to pre-loss conditions.

Upon calling Premiere Restoration, our dispatcher will deploy a team of IICRC certified technicians for immediate arrival. Using proper tools and sanitizing agents, we will quickly restore the safety of the environment in accordance to OSHA guidelines, all while keeping the health and safety of occupants in the forefront of our minds.

Moisture Damage

Moisture damage, or secondary damage, results from the unaddressed standing water. Moisture that is left to evaporate on its own will saturate the air and absorb into porous building materials such as drywall, subflooring, and hardwoods. This can cause sagging, buckling, and general structure failure, all while propagating mold growth. Prolonged moisture damage can create a bill that goes beyond the cost of water extraction services. This can easily be prevented if you take the proper measures to treat water damage on the front end as soon as it’s identified.

Why Hire Professional Water Damage Restoration Services?

Fast Work

Your business ends up with a broken pipe, hindering your business and posing an inconvenience to your clients. A professional is your best bet when it comes to repairing water damage because not only do we work well, but we work fast too. 

We’ll be able to restore your business quickly by drying and disinfecting the area, and repairing any problems with the right equipment. Since mold is always a possibility when it comes to dealing with water damage, you’ll always want professional help.

Mold Problems

Mold is one of the biggest potential issues when it comes to water damage. Just having a little bit of water leaking into your business can lead to problems with allergies and toxins, since most mold is toxic. This is something you don’t want to have to deal with on your own, which is why a professional will be your best bet. Hiring a professional will additionally prevent the mold from coming back in the future.

Lower Costs

You might see the initial price of your restoration and think that maybe you could do it for less money. In the long run though, you’ll save money by hiring a professional to help you. We know how to clean up the water quickly, saving you more money on the overall restoration process. Not to mention that this will inhibit more mold growth and get your business back in working order that much faster.

Thorough Work

You might see that your business now looks physically dry again, but a professional will know what to look for to make sure that there’s no hidden moisture anywhere. We’ll look in cracks and crevices, ceilings, and floors to make sure that there’s no pooling water that might cause more issues in the future. This is something you won’t be able to find on your own, but which will be key to keeping your business going.


This is something you might find helpful if you’re concerned about how to submit the proper insurance forms. As professionals, we have spent a lot of time with insurance forms and policies, which means that we know how to help you document your issues so that you receive the settlement that you need.

Restoration Plans

Your business has water damage—but once it’s cleaned up, it’s time to restore your business. A professional can help you do that by working with you on a restoration plan. We’ll be able to assess the damage and figure out a way to resolve it properly in a way that can get you back on your feet.

Why Choose Us?

Professional Service

You can get professional restoration from many places, but our work and dedication to excellence stand out above the rest. We are absolutely dedicated to restoring your business with the best work possible and with the most experienced experts—and to doing work well the first time around. We don’t believe in doing shoddy work and we take pride in our attention to detail.

Timely Work

It’s all about getting your business up and working as soon as possible. That’s why we’ll get you on the schedule quickly and will get to work quickly to clean up any standing water, prevent further damage, and get your business open again.

Clear Pricing

We believe that it’s important to be straightforward with our prices. We won’t add any hidden costs to your bill and won’t do anything without explaining to you what we’re doing. Our company is based on being honest while providing you with the best restoration services possible.


What is Water Damage Restoration?

We can help restore your business after it has been damaged with water. This means cleaning up any standing water, repairing your flooring or pipes, and helping you get everything looking good as new.

Does it Cost a lot?

Ultimately, the cost of your restoration job depends on the size of your business, the extent of the damage, and the time we take to complete the work. We can’t give you an exact number before we start, but we can give you a free quote.

Does Drying my Business Take a While?

The drying time will depend on what materials are affected and how much damage there is. Usually though, we can get everything dried within around 3 days, and then the restoration process can begin.

Will There Always be Mold?

No, having water damage will not always cause mold. The sooner you get your business dried, the better it will be for you in terms of both property damage and the possibility of mold. 

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