There is so much to do after your home has experienced some significant water or fire damage. You have to get the situation handled, get professionals to remove the water, or clear out anything damaged by the fire—but what about your belongings? Thankfully, our professional team can clean and restore the items that can be saved. Keep reading to find out more about the restoration process.

Find out about restoration after a fire

How Are the Contents Cleaned During the Restoration Process?

When you have items that are charred by a fire or that have been part of a flood, can you really save them? It does depend on the damage. Before anything, our restoration experts will consider what items can be saved—then they can start the cleaning process.


The first thing your professional will do is take inventory. This means that they’ll help you go through your items to check what can be restored or saved. At this point, they’ll pack the items safely and transport them to a climate-controlled facility where your items will be separated into categories based on what they are.

Dry and Wet Cleaning

Dry cleaning is the cleaning that happens when there’s only light residue over your fabrics or rugs. Our experts know how to clean your items on a large scale using a chemical solvent called tetrachloroethylene, which is basically used to clean all kinds of delicate fabrics.

By contrast, wet cleaning happens when we have heavier residue on items. These are cleaned with soaps and conditioners rather than chemicals, and with our reshaping equipment, the fabric will remain in good condition.

Drying Chambers

Suppose you have items like televisions or consoles or paper items that need to be dried. While you can try your hairdryer, professional methods like cryogenic drying and freeze-drying have the best chance of saving those crucial documents or saving your electronics.


Your items might smell a little bit especially if they’ve been subject to fire or water damage. In this case, our experts can eliminate the scents and odors that you wouldn’t be able to do by yourself.


Once all of your items have been cleaned, they will be stored safely in the facility for a time. Remember, this is a climate-controlled area, so you don’t need to worry about your items. All you need to focus on is getting the repairs done in your home until your items can be returned to you.


Throughout this whole process, you might be dealing with your insurance company. Restoration companies often work with insurance adjusters to give homeowners a sense of what items need to be replaced or whether there’s anything that might need more attention.


Everything is cleaned at the facility, and your home is now dry and repaired, ready to receive your restored belongings again. 

We pack everything for you using the photos and inventory that we have documented so that we can return your newly restored items to your home. Every item will be transported and delivered with care, and when you’re all done, we’ll collect the packing materials too.

Choosing a Contents Restoration Company

Make sure that you choose a company with the equipment and response time you need when faced with a disaster. Some companies will be at your side in a reasonable time after a disaster, which is crucial—the faster you get your items transported, the easier it will be to fix the damage.


The contents restoration process might seem like a lot. But, don’t fret when you end up with pieces of ruined furniture or documents after a disaster. With our contents restoration service,  we can restore your items so you can have your valuable belongings back.