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Are You Prepared for a Water Damage Emergency? Creating an Emergency Response Plan

Mar 26, 2024 | Commercial Water Damage, Disaster Planning

Whether flooding occurs because of the weather or a pipe burst, you’ll want to make sure that your business is prepared. Having an emergency response plan will ensure that your business is down for as little time as possible and that you can get back to serving your clients.

Water Damage Emergency Response Plan for Your Business

An emergency response plan is all about ensuring that your business remains safe during any flooding. This includes keeping your business in good shape, ensuring that people are safe, and making sure your assets are salvaged. Most businesses don’t have a plan in place, but you can do a few things to create an effective plan quickly.

Risk Assessment

Consider what kinds of water related problems your business might encounter. Understand your flood risks based on local history and resources. Examine recent flood events in your area and use FEMA flood maps to identify vulnerable locations.

Southern Minnesota is prone to flooding, tornadoes, or other types of severe weather events. Consider  emergencies that might occur in your facility like a pipe break or sewage backups.

Emergency Contacts

You can get your pipes checked, but you can’t really plan for flooding or other events that might occur. It’s important to have emergency contact information on hand. Know who you will need to call when something happens. Keep our contact handy, so we can help you with water damage restoration. Knowing who you will need to contact will make it easier to get your business back in working order.


In an emergency, people have a tendency to panic and look for help. Have your crisis management team already assigned, make sure they know what types of questions they might encounter, and give them any information they may need. You can assign roles such as scene supervisors or route guides in the case of evacuation, but just make sure you have someone who is prepared to lead if your business experiences a water damage emergency.


Listen to EAS, NOAA Weather Radio, or local alert systems for emergency information.

Create clear communications plans to allow your business to run as smoothly as possible until you’re able to get everything cleaned up. Develop separate plans for employees, stakeholders, and the public. Ensure timely alerts, evacuation instructions, and updates are sent to the people who need to know.

Business Continuity

Plan for continued operations during and after floods or other water disasters. Backup data, establish remote work capabilities, and secure supply chains.

In the event of heavy water damage, your employees may not be able to come into the office. Instead of shutting your business down, be prepared to shift some employees to an online setting – just let your employees know this will happen.

Emergency Evacuation

Depending on the type of water event, you may need an emergency evacuation. Designate safe evacuation routes and assembly points. Train employees on evacuation procedures. Consider accessibility needs. This is when everyone will follow your plan and listen to those people you’ve put in charge.

Emergency Plan Review and Testing

Regularly review and update the plan. Conduct drills and exercises to ensure effectiveness. Remember, preparation is key to minimizing flood impact.

Cleaning Up After the Disaster

Don’t only plan for flooding or other potential water damage as it happens, but create a plan for after,

After all, cleaning up after a flooding situation can be hazardous, especially with so much water, electricity, and debris everywhere. Contact us to help you with commercial water damage cleanup and restoration of your facilities and contents to get your business up and running again.

Premiere Restoration is headquartered in Mankato, Minnesota. We provide Emergency Disaster Response Planning to businesses and industries in Southern Minnesota, including MankatoFaribaultLake CrystalNew UlmNorth MankatoOwatonnaSaint Peter, and Waseca.

With the help of restoration professionals like us, you will be much better prepared for water, fire, sewage, and storm damage disasters.

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